About Sun Leo Construction

Sun Leo Construction (M) Sdn Bhd is incorporated in Johor, Malaysia. We are registered under the Law of Malaysia Companies Act .Sun Leo is offering range of services, Mechanical, Insulation, Scaffolding, Electrical, Shut down and Maintenance with a high reputation in the field of Oil & Gas and Power Plant. Creative problem-solving capabilities, strong safety culture and firm emphasis on quality are the key factors in meeting a customer’s expectations for Sun Leo Construction (M) Sdn Bhd.

The company’s innovative approach to complex and unique construction challenges in the hallmark of Sun Leo Construction (M) Sdn Bhd professional staff. Schedule compliance during facility outrages is essential to minimizing lost profit opportunities, whether the projects are daily maintenances, capital works or major turnarounds.

Sun Leo Construction (M) Sdn Bhd provide Thermal Mechanical to the industry which are designed and installed to meet the specific requirements. The company expertise has assisted clients in offering industries a comprehensive range of services.

The survival and success of any organization is the result of total committed team effort. As a team, the performance of each and every member determines the success of this team. Our policy and objectives are primarily based on our continuous effort to strive for success.


From its modest start up since 2009 as Sun Leo Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, Sun Leo later attained an impressive growth & renamed as Sun Leo Construction (M) Sdn Bhd at 2013. Sun Leo was then relocated within the confines of the prestigious business city of Johor, in 2013 and acquired its own building, which now serves as the company's headquarters.


Sun Leo has established an office equipped with insulation facilities in Johor. All the operations are consolidated and centralized in Sun Leo's Head Office to meet the oil & gas market demands encompassing all upstream & downstream activities. Sun Leo is looking forward to have regional offices across Peninsular & East Malaysia.

Internationally, Sun Leo has also ventured into the Middle East with established operations in Qatar with more locations being identified in our effort to establish our International presence.


To be the best company for services, technically competent and trusted construction company to our customers.


To supply high quality product, providing related services and solution to a worldwide client base while utilizing innovative technologies within and environment of motivated employee, focused on continuous improvement, highest business standard, work ethics and corporate citizenship, leading to added value for our customers and sustained return on investment to our shareholder.

Value Drives

  •   Customer Integration.
  •   Experiences & Resources.
  •   Responsive to Market Challenges
  •   Safety.
  •   Quality.
  •   Sustainable Development.

Why Sun Leo?

Sun Leo is capable to deliver comprehensive Mechanical, Insulation, Scaffolding, and Electrical, Shut down and Maintenance service and solutions to meet the stringent demands of the oil & gas industry. Our proven track record has earned Sun Leo global recognition as a competent and reliable partner in providing its core services of insulation services.
Clients choose us for our proven ability to:

  •   Provide multi-disciplinary services, with a single point of contact.
  •   Deliver the highest standard of safety & quality performance.
  •   Provide insulation services equipped with the latest Insulation technology meeting the market demand.
  •   Provide cost effective services.
  •   Deliver services on time resulting in long term customer relationships.
  •   Provide reliable service specifically during critical timeline of project delivery.

Sub-Contract Companies

We serve client in their respective fields and the partial list includes:

  •   Amalogametal Metal Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd.
  •   Aso Boiler Services.
  •  Canelect Sdn Bhd .
  •   Emd Insulation & Scaffolding Sdn Bhd.
  •   Foster Insulation & Scaffolding Sdn Bhd .
  •   Idemitsu SM (M) Sdn Bhd .
  •   IHI Power System (M) Sdn Bhd.
  •   ING Maker Sdn Bhd .
  •   Jimah Power Plant Port Dickson .
  •   JML Maintenance Sdn Bhd .
  •   GS Maintenance Sdn Bhd .
  •   Kaefer (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd .
  •   Kejuruteraan QKS Sdn Bhd.
  •   Kejuruteraan ERA Gemilang.
  •   KNM Process Systems Sdn Bhd .
  •   Laison Engineering Sdn Bhd .
  •   Leighton Contractor .
  •   Mitsubishi Malaysia Sdn Bhd .
  •   PEC (M) Sdn Bhd .
  •   RM Leopad Sdn Bhd .
  •   Shin Eversendai Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd .
  •   Siemens .
  •   Sumatec Corporation Sdn Bhd .
  •   Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Pontian .
  •   TenagaNasionalBerhad, PasirGudang .
  •   TenagaNasionalBerhad, Port Dickson .
  •   Titan Polyethylene (M) Sdn Bhd .
  •   TKL Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd .
  •   TOS Energy Malaysia Sdn Bhd .
  •   Total Dynamic Engineering Sdn Bhd .
  •   TPSC Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd .
  •   Trip Guard Sdn Bhd .
  •   VKM Technology (M) Sdn Bhd .
  •   WargaHikmatKejuruteraan.
  •   YTL Power Services Sdn Bhd .